Date: Jan. 19, 2012, (doors open 6:45 pm, Speaker at 7:30 pm)

Speaker: Dr. Peter Bowler

Subject: UCI Campus and Marsh restoration

Location: Duck Club, Irvine (Directions)

Restoration of degraded lands back to a landscape capable of sustaining the plants and animals that form a balance is a fascinating topic, even more so when one person has been involved in these challenging projects from start to finish. Join us as Dr Peter Bowler from UC Irvine gives a virtual tour of many of the University’s restoration efforts and mitigation projects. Whether on Campus or on the adjacent UC Natural Reserve System’s San Joaquin Marsh Reserve there have been many accomplishments dating from the early 1990’s, and several current projects continue.

Dr. Bowler's discussions will include:

  • transplanting prickly pear cacti for coastal cactus wren habitat enhancement and creating a string of pearls (cactus patches) for line of sight connection for wren movement and colonization between Back Bay and Turtle Rock populations,
  • current sage scrub restoration on 6 acres of the Preserve through Mitigation Measure 2 funds,
  • 2009 removal of 3,100 lineal feet of un-needed roads and dikes in the Marsh which created three acres of new wetland and an additional three acres of riparian woodland along the Marsh periphery,
  • history of the restoration efforts throughout the campus.

Dr. Peter Bowler is a faculty member in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and he is the Director of UCI's Arboretum and the Faculty Manager of the UC Natural Reserve System's San Joaquin Marsh Reserve. He has conducted research and implemented restoration efforts at UCI for over two decades and teaches Restoration Ecology, Limnology and Freshwater Biology, Mediterranean Ecosystems, Horticulture, and Field Freshwater Ecology, among other courses.  In his over 33 years at UCI, he has overseen the creation of 55 acres of wetland, six vernal pools, and over a dozen acres of coastal sage scrub habitat on the campus. (Editor’s note: WOW!)