Conservation in OC

Protecting and enhancing our local wildlands

Conservation Report Archive

Ten years of Orange County conservation issues and activities are chronicled in these archives. Many articles were published in the chapter newsletter. Scan them to learn about local conservation or dig in and research the history of specific issues, locations, and litigation.  

Emergent Invasive Program

OC CNPS’ Emergent Invasives Management Program targets invasive plants that have newly discovered, small  populations in OC. Such populations are amenable to being quickly removed and prevented from spreading.

   " I do not intend
that our natural resources
shall be exploited
by the few
against the interests
of the many. "

    Theodore Roosevelt

 "The ridiculously earnest
are known to travel
in groups,
And they are known
to change the world. "

Barbara Kingsolver

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FHBP Green Vision Map

This map is produced by our friends at Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks (FHBP). It is the single best document for visualizing conserved areas in Orange County and immediately adjacent land in other counties.

CNPS Conservation Program

The CNPS statewide Conservation Program is involved with major issues such as Forestry, Desert Conservation, Fire, Climate Change, and Important Plant Areas. Land stewards and other plant conservation impacting people will want to jump to the Policies link below.

Policies, Positions, & Guidelines

" Society is defined by not only what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy. "
John Sawhill (former CEO, The Nature Conservancy)