Public Meeting Wednesday March 15 via Zoom
7:00 pm Pre-Chat | 7:30 pm Meeting Begins

Jon Rebman presents

The Flora of Camp Pendleton and
Using iNaturalist to Improve Regional Floristics


For approximately 12 years from 2007-2019, the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Botany Department under the direction of Jon Rebman have conducted field surveys and made plant specimen collections on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton as part of various biological contracts to improve the knowledge of the plant diversity on the Base. Camp Pendleton is a very restricted part of California, but with this project’s efforts the SD Herbarium now contains over 10,000 plant specimens from the Base and have increased the known flora by 83%!

He will also delve into how integrating museum specimens (over 275,000 dried plant specimens dating back to the 1870s) and vetted iNaturalist observations are improving the regional botanical knowledge in San Diego County. There will of course be mention of the wonderful work being done on the San Diego Plant Atlas (over 71,000 specimens;, a fascinating project that compiles all of the plant observations of vascular plants that are native or naturalized in San Diego County!