It’s that time again! As per our Chapter bylaws our Slate of officers and board members to be elected need to be made public in November (at our General Meeting) and will be voted on at the December general meeting.

Only those names preceded by ** are up for re-election this year.

2017 Nominated Slate

Board Officers as Nominated

President: Dan Songster Term-2016-17

Vice President: Laura Camp Term-2016-17

**Treasurer: Brad Jenkins Term ending-2015-16

Secretary: Sarah Jayne Term-2016-17

Other Board Members

**Celia Kutcher (Board/Conservation Chair) Term ending-2015-16

**Rachel Lee Whitt (Board/Publicity) Term ending-2015-16

Thea Gavin (Board & Chapter Council Representative), Term-2016-17

**Jennifer Mabley (Board/Volunteers), Term ending-2015-16

Jutta Burger (Board, Invasives), Term-2016-17

Bob Huttar (Publicity, invasives), Term-2016-17

Ron Vanderhoff (Invasives & Field Trips), Term-2016-17

**David Pryor (Board/Invasives and Chapter Council Representative) Term Ending-2015-16

Summary: So, those being nominated for election this December 15th, are Brad Jenkins, Celia Kutcher, Jennifer Mabley, David Pryor, and Rachel Witt. All of these have completed the second year of their two year terms and need re-election.

The rest of the Board members and Officers; Jutta Burger, Laura Camp, Thea Gavin, Bob Huttar, Sarah Jayne, Dan Songster, and Ron Vanderhoff are all in the middle of their two year terms and so do not need to be re-elected.

Next time you see any of your Board Members, please thank them for the hard work they do on behalf of the chapter!

2018 CNPS Conservation Conference Travel Grant

The Orange County CNPS chapter is offering up to four $250 travel grants to attend the 2018 State CNPS Conference, Feb. 1-3 2018 in Los Angeles.  Graduate and highly qualified undergraduate students training in the study of southern California native plants are eligible. For more information click here.

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